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Maaco paint job? worth it?

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Maaco paint job? worth it?

Postby Merocks » Sat Sep 24, 2011 2:59 am

Thoughts?opinions? 2001 leggy has had some bumps and scratches, as well as bad spraypaint job (i know that was a dumb move spraypainting car)..was thinking of going for basic coat..around 600 bucks..what do you all think? thanks!
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Re: Maaco paint job? worth it?

Postby woo99SE » Sat Jun 02, 2012 1:15 am

with maaco its a hit or miss. the shop you visit could make a jewel or just a turd. best advice is to either make friends with a body shop guy from them or any other place. or bring it to a shop which was recommended to you by a friend.

I saw a job a friend of mine had done for $400 and the car looked like a giant navy blue grapefruit.
I have an air compressor which ironically I bought from him and sprayed my car with rustoleum and the paint looks like top notch single stage ANY paint. even the guy from a body shop was amazed of how nice it looks. no orange peel any where and the paint laid like glass and that is without clear coat or cutting and buffing.

btw I am buying WANDA car paint which is supposed to be a good cheap automotive paint. I already started sanding down the car and hae a few dings here and there repaired.
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