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NEW Model R&D Begins!!

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NEW Model R&D Begins!!

Postby gse_turbo » Tue Jan 29, 2008 7:31 pm

Well this weekend I started R&D on the "Saturn" Astra and the car is a champ!

as everyone know, the 1.8 is based on the 1.6 but they are NOTHING alike. everyone knows that the new model has a VVT head but the bottom end is completely redesigned as well and I'm VERY impressed.

one good thing is that the mounting flange for the rear disc's look to be a direct bolt on to the lanos rear beam (in no way are the rear beams interchangeable) but I'm still waiting on the cad files from Saturn's before I end up putting my foot in my mouth.

this 1.8 puts puts out more hp than the 2.0 OR 2.2 and I can see why. the exhaust system is well done and is nothing like what you would come to expect from a manufacturer. there are no unnecessary bends and the ones there are mandrel bent and don't seem to pass 50degrees at any point. it also appears to have only one cat, a long glass-back like resonator and a muffler.

the tranny is an F17 yes that implies a mechanical clutch system. the linkage is the same use since the early 80's so this means the short shift linkage that I'll be offering shortly for the D16, F16... will be a direct fit. the flywheel... it uses the traditional 6-bolt mount for the flywheel (like other 1.6, current euro eco's, and early 8v motors) but for the first I've seen it uses the dish or pot style flywheel like the C20LET.

the front calipers look to be based on the GSI calipers and there for would use the same pads as the 1.6 lanos (theoretically).

the car is stout and it looks like it is getting great support from the manufacturer (importer in this case) with factory sport spring and suspension options and several trim packages.

there seams to be little room for needed improvements the intake is relatively well put together and I don't see a reasonable gain with most CAI systems. however, I highly recommend a short shift linkage because the throws are quite long. I don't remember looking specifically but from all the picks I believe they went with returnless fuel system for the better emissions rating so that may be an area of aftermarket improvement.
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