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Zietronix Wideband AFR and narrow band simulator

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Zietronix Wideband AFR and narrow band simulator

Postby gse_turbo » Wed Aug 31, 2011 6:10 pm

I have been researching this company and their products for quite a while. I plan on using this Zt-2 system in my car as I go from NA to turbo along with the AEM FIC. these two componants basically give you all the control and accuracy of a stand alone EMS with the safety net of the stock base MAP. this way, even a beginner can tune very accuartely without worrying about going too far out of range. the ZT-2 is also going into our other project cars, Turbo Lancer with Split Second piggyback and Turbo Integra with Hondata EMS.

the ZT-2 and AEM FIC together are a fraction of the price of a stand alone and all the guages and sensors that are built in and/or included in these two products.

there are several systems and guage options available from Zietronix, the ones I suggest are the ZT-2 and the LCD multi guage display. the Hacker/Tweaker AFR Display is a great addition as well.

Fallow the link to read more about the ZT-2 Zietronix ZT-2

here are a few of the items that I think would best fit our use.
-Zt-2 Wideband Controller and Datalogging System (no guage - for use with PC) MSRP $279.00 ($239.00 -L1 / $210.00 -L2)
-Zt-2 + LCD Display Bundle (complete kit) MSRP $399.00 ($340.00 -L1 / $300.00 -L2)
-Hacker/Tweaker AFR Display (for use with or without LCD display) MSRP $79.00 ($68.00 -L1 / $60.00 -L2)
-MAP, Boost Sensor, (50 PSI / 3.5 Bar) 25.5 inHg (vacuum) to 35.3 PSI MSRP $119.00 ($102.00 -L1 / $90.00 -L2)
-Oil/ Fuel Pressure Sensor (150 PSI / 10 Bar) MSRP $129.00 ($110.00 -L1 / $98.00 -L2)
-Exhaust Gas Temperature Probe MSRP $89.00 ($77.00 -L1 / $68.00 -L2)

to get the Level 1 (L1) price i need to reach a buy in of $2000.00 to get the Level 2 (L2) prices I need to reach a buy in of $3000.00

I think we can reach that goal in a group buy. for helping with the buy in we'll also discount the AEM piggyback FIC and stand alone EMC's
-Fuel & Ignition Controller Universal F/IC 6 #30-1910 MSRP $427.37 ($335.98)
-Fuel & Ignition Controller Universal F/IC 8 #30-1930 MSRP $623.01 ($465.80)
-EMS-4 Universal Standalone Engine Management System #30-6905 MSRP $843.34 ($630.64)
-Series 2 Plug & Play Engine Management System OBD 2 Honda #30-6030 MSRP $1,432.14 ($1,130.46)

thank you,
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