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My car is currently the no.1 lanos on CarDomain

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Re: My car is currently the no.1 lanos on CarDomain

Postby Trey05Woo » Mon Sep 14, 2009 2:18 am

#1 pfft thats cuz I havent listed my Lanos on there yet lol....
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Re: My car is currently the no.1 lanos on CarDomain

Postby mr_g » Tue Sep 15, 2009 10:33 am

MMamdouh wrote:my cup of tea is more into performance mods rather than looks and audio... this is why FNT51's car doesn't look very appealing to me... i am sure he spent loads of time, money and effort to get the car in the current form but that isn't my style

i am more into mr_g's car... all about power and performance and if you ask me... i'd choose mr_g's car any day of the week over any car with just cosmetic mods and no real HP... it is just how every body perceives the perfect ride... in my case if it doesn't put more HP, handles better and brakes faster than the OEM version then it is basically worthless.

my 2 cents


Yep, that's my vision... Perfect sleeper and lowrider! That is my cup of tea...

BTW, I can assure you all that I have spent whole bunch more money on my car than FTN51 on styling...
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Re: My car is currently the no.1 lanos on CarDomain

Postby benzino » Tue Sep 15, 2009 12:13 pm

FNT51 is 1st and foremost a showcar... hence why it's called "fancy"...

in australia there are showcars, race cars, street cars... all different types. JDM, dub, cali; wateva you will find it in australia
we even have sex-spec which are show and go... so big horsepower cars with 20" chromies and candy paint

I am agreeing with you guys anyway!!!!
i dont understand why your trying to explain it to me?
I agree that everyone has their own tastes... i said that in the first place!!

it's your own car... it's noone elses, so you build it however you want to build it
if your not happy with your own car then whats the point?
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