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Leganza Sunroof all rusted (repaired)

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Leganza Sunroof all rusted (repaired)

Postby diomc » Wed Mar 14, 2012 5:56 pm

for over 2 years now i have not opened the sunroof because it was all rusted and the rubber seal looked a right state with the rust lifting the rubber. so i thought i take it out and give it a go in repairing it, so i bought some RUST CURE, and WATER SEALANT. only a few quid. 1 removed the 4 small bolts holding the glass to the frame. the removed the glass from the car. on inspection it looked in a right old state under neath. rust all most everwhere. 2 pulled off the rubber seal caerfully and scraped all the bits of rust out of the seal groove, then i soaked the rubber seal in a bucket of hot soapy water. 3 i got a sander on a drill then started to sand off all the rust i did this till i got it looking the best that i could. 4 i then brushed on the RUST CURE all over the frame. and let dry followed instructions and then repainted the inside frame. (if the rust had eaten away the metal i would have used a FIBER GLASS FILLER to reshape it) but i did not need it. 5 i then cleaned off the rubber seal out of the bucket of hot soapy water , by now the rubber had gone back to its original shape, I then refitted the rubber seal back to the frame and run a small amount of sealant under the rubber, waited a while before refitting the sunroof back onto the car, now the sunroof looks perfect again. and just for a few quid. (i can now open up my sunroof and let freash air in)
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