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gse_turbo's new-bira (dialup warning)

Forced induction, NA tunning, exhaust, just performance

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Re: gse_turbo's new-bira (dialup warning)

Postby PrecisionBoost » Sun Aug 19, 2012 5:51 am

ls400x wrote:Do the cam bearing cap fasteners commonly fail requiring the different ones?
Oh, so one of those non value adding upgrades...

He went from bolts to studs, the differences / advantages / value of the conversion should be obvious to anyone who knows anything about building a high performance engine.

ls400x wrote:Did you consider a oil-water heat exchanger instead of an oil-air? Oil-water (coolant) is really quite an elegant solution

oil-water (coolant) systems are less efficient than oil-air due to the ambient temperatures of the cooling materials ( air at 20 deg Celsius vs engine coolant at 90 deg Celsius )

Your also adding heat to the already pathetic cooling systems in these cars, that extra heat soaking into the coolant from the oil might be the tipping point that overheats your engine coolant on a hot day. If it were naturally aspirated it might not make a difference, but the turbo adds a pile of heat energy to the system.

Lastly there is always the risk of an internal rupture between the oil/water cooler resulting in a nice green brown sludge that can screw up a nice clean engine.

My opinion, stick with the Oil/Air cooler
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