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How to: Install Strut Brace from FabricatorX

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How to: Install Strut Brace from FabricatorX

Postby whiteraven » Sun Aug 12, 2007 3:02 am

I got it, and its in...sooo sweet!! This bar is so nice, better than any I handled when working at Sport Compact Only. Why?? Each brace is hand-fabbed using quality materials and FabricatorX is very strict on his quality issues. I mean, he wouldn't give me the bar I got until it was perfect, that's quality I appreciate. I'd rather be patient for a good quality piece then rush it and get 2nd rate because I'm impatient.

Get it Here!!

(Click all pics for larger version)

The bar comes in a clean flat black finish, so you can leave it as is or repaint it as you see fit to match your underhood scheme. Remember to test fit everything before refinishing... no refunds on altered parts.

Tools Needed

Socket Wrench w/Extension -
Wrench -
Rubber Mallet (or clothed wrapped hammer, be careful)

Also helpful...
Friend to Help

Okay, first things first, pop open the hood. When installing bolts use the washer under the bolt head, the nut is self gripping (washer would defeat that feature.)

1.) Take the bar and install the brass grommets. Its a tight fit, so use the mallet as needed.
Image (remember tight is good, means no squeaking.)

2.) Next install one side bracket, again the fit is tight, so use the mallet as needed. Install bolt head and washer from front side (towards the front end of the car, the smaller bracket side). Once bolt is through put nut on other end and tighten it down. Set the bracket into the car with the bar on it.

3.) Drop the bolts for the bracket into that side's bracket, but do not actually bolt them in yet.

4.) Position the other end of the bar in place
and also fit in the other bracket.
(This is where it helps to have a friend)

5.) Convince the other end of the bar into the other bracket. Again, its a tight fit, but that's intentional. It will fit, its just a precision fit not APC mass-produced.
Both ends are now stuck in place,

6.) Now jack one side up and then you will have to remove the fender liner (if you still have one). Now you can bolt the bolts underneath in the fenderwell. Use the wrench with an extention so you can reach in there easier.

7.) Once you bolt down one side
then switch on to the other side, lift with jack, remove fender liner, bolt down with the wrench.

8.) Bolt the nuts on the other side and torque down tight.

9.) Re install the fender liners once both sides are tightly torqued down.

Check bolts after a hundred miles to ensure they are still tight, then check with each oil change. (This will ensure that the bar stays in place and doesn't create a safety issue)

Now stand back and enjoy enjoy the new brace bar, close the hood, and Go Driving!!
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