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Rain/water leak driving me crazy

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Rain/water leak driving me crazy

Postby jd daewoo » Wed Jul 24, 2013 1:03 pm

I have a 99' Lanos 1.6L Hatchback that has a leak. I continuously soaks the passenger floor and has even gotten into the ecm wire harnesses and caused some corrosion and headache tracking down the shorted wire. The car started leaking around the time it was hit on the passenger side front quarter panel and has caused me grief ever since. I am almost positive it leaks during heavy rainfall. I also believe the A/C may cause some of it, but I am 100% sure it is water and not coolant or other fluids (e.g. not the heater core, etc.). Does anyone know how to describe how to track down and fix this problem? How exactly does the cowl/ventilation system work (a diagram would be nice)? I've heard of cars being designed to allow rainfall running down the windshield to dump into a gutter system beneath the cowl vent ant allowing it to run off underneath the car via a tube. I have also heard that sometimes in these designs the tube comes loose or begins to leak and allows excess water to flow over into the car's interior. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Re: Rain/water leak driving me crazy

Postby Puddle31 » Sun Jul 28, 2013 4:24 pm

do a search on here and you will find your problem. it is the drain for the A/C. it is hard to find but a rubber hose near/on the firewall, near the center of the car but slightly on the passenger side, gets plugged up and the water from the condensor backs up and goes on the passenger side floor, and causes the proiblem you have. I found the hose, cut it up higher and have not had a problem since. you MUST fix this or you will have electrical problems. it seems like one of the first connections in the electrical block to go bad is one for the fuel pump, so people with this problem have cars that will turn over, but not start. I found this site searching this problem. It was the best thing ever for my car! Fix the drain hose, and get that floor dry. I took up my carpet and put fans in there for a few days. fix it now or you will pay later good luck
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