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forenza 2.0 High Compression Project

Forced induction, NA tunning, exhaust, just performance

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forenza 2.0 High Compression Project

Postby blue4renza » Mon Dec 19, 2011 12:50 am

What stuff would i need for a high compression engine rebuild, would i need a piggy back fuel-timing system and adjustable intake gear,better rods like Z20LET and crankshaft like C20GET and main-bolts and head-studs and turbo head gasket like cosmetic and higher lift cams like X20XER with 10.6mm and 4-2-1 header and short ram intake manifold for higher rev's . Im confused how to do this if anyone can help i appreciate it 100%. Btw its a U20SED 4HP16 transmission and any suggestions on making the trans better is also accepted.
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