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Newbie with 97 Cielo .. Idling Issues

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Newbie with 97 Cielo .. Idling Issues

Postby Aloura » Tue Oct 16, 2012 2:58 pm

Mostly posting here to say Hi to all (not sure if there's a proper place for Newbies).

I have a 97 Cielo, which was working perfectly until a bridge-wire in the Oil Pressure Sensor connector fell out. A supsequent trip to the auto electrician has caused me nothing but grief .. including the nicely placed wood screw in the timing housing that shredded my timing belt.

Belt, waterpump, pulleys now replaced .. the good old girl idled well, reversed down the driveway perfectly, and then stopped dead when put into gear.

Any suggestions ??

Engine cranks but won't idle. :roll:

Should I be testing sensors .. timing is good, fuel to engine via injectors, spark to plugs and air filter new.

I'm more than just a little lost on this .. and not a decent mechanic in my small country town that I dare to let touch her.

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