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Help Fuel pressure rail question?

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Help Fuel pressure rail question?

Postby chip18sw » Mon Aug 27, 2012 9:40 pm

OK just got the car fixed after a serious A arm install issue. Did not have the car 24 hours before a new problem cropped up! It bucks and surges at speed (45 up ) it starts and idles fine but it's not drivable. My wife has had it with the car and is looking at a PT cruiser! I look our Woo and want to save her!
I've checked for exhaust leaks (cause it seems louder than usual and checked the plugs they look good, excellent in fact. Fuel filter is out two years old.
I don't have a fuel pressure gauger so I don't know what the rail pressure is. I did notice the Schaefer valve on the fuel rail and figured what the hell, so I unscrewed the cap and moving my head out of the way I depressed the valve expecting a stream of fuel mist to come out but..only a dribble came out?

It strikes me that it should have sprayed a mist of fuel with 45 psi behind it but I had nothing, have I found the problem? Opinions welcome!
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