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Postby xtreme 2 » Thu Nov 06, 2008 6:42 pm

Ok. Time to get cracking. I just contacted JBodyPerformance out of Canada (excellent Cobalt and Cavalier parts), and inquired on them expanding to the Aveo/Daewoo market to help get it going in more of a direction. This was Mev's (the owner) reply:

Hello Lee,

It's funny that you ask this, because we were actually trying to emerge into this market at the begining of this summer, but project work slide into place and prevented us from pursuing a the aveo any further.

We are interested, of course, in any business venture that is lucrative for both ourselves and the dealers alike. First off, there's the price factor and the manufacturing process. We've done the market research already and find that there isn't anything available for substantial perform gains. Most of the product available is "fluff".

Personally, I have a get-up and go attitude. Which translates into, "put your money where your mouth is" .. If people want a product, then own up to it, and we'll make it. So for starters, since you already have poked a few sponsored sites. Let us know the most 5 wanted products, get at least 10~20 people on board with each product and we'll beging to design them for that vehicle and offer pricing. We can design, engineer and have each product ready in a 3 month turn around time, excellent quality and price.

Everything we can make is endless, camshafts, cylinder head kits, engine kits, rocker arms, stainless valves, headers, exhausts, turbo kits, sway bars, braces, coilover kits.. anything... we do it all... Right now, just limit it to the top 5 "simple" products... this stimulates market interest. Turbo kits and engine parts come after....

Mev Talundzic

So, with turbo kits and engine parts coming later, what would you guys want done? It's nice that they already had planned to work the Aveo, so let's get it going. If I can get buyers now, we can have parts ready for track season.

This is also being posted on AveoClub.
-- xtreme 2
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Postby tdemaree » Thu Jan 22, 2009 3:08 am

I have personally been waiting for some parts to come out for the aveo for a while now. If you guys can design the turbo kit and internals and all of of with significant gains in power then you better get to it before another company does! I'm serious, lots of other people are talking about searching for parts and never having any luck. Get some parts out and I promise it'll be a hit. Also, if you make parts like short shifters that would help too, just really any parts you make are going to sell. So, get to it and make some quality perfomance upgrades for us please.
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Postby PrecisionBoost » Thu Jan 22, 2009 5:43 am

I hate to say this yet again but there are already a billion aftermarket parts that will work with the Aveo engine..... hell.... GM has a FACTORY turbo charged 1.6L on the market already in Europe/UK.

The problem is that Aveo owners expect someone to magically appear with a $500 turbo kit that makes 300hp.

Simply stated Aveo owners have no money.... if they did.... they'd probably buy something with more power.

A decent kit doesn't come with one of these EBAY knock off turbos that last a week before puking oil into the exhaust or intake.

A decent turbo is about $1250

A decent manifold (again not Ebay crap that cracks after three runs on the dyno ) will cost $350 to $800 depending on options.

A decent intercooler, piping, hoses, clamps will set you back another $500 to $1000 depending on size and routing

A piggyback computer will cost you $500 to $1000 depending on options

New pistons are going to set you back $500 to $800

New rods are going to set you back $750

Decent injectors are going to set you back another $500

Then there is the wastegate ( unless internally wastegated ) and the blow off valve and a new "non plastic" intake manifold.

Then there are a whole series of gauges and sensors.... oil temp, fuel pressure, oil pressure, wideband O2, Exhaust gas temperature, coolant temperature.........

Next you need a better clutch and pressure plate.... perhaps a limited slip differential.... better brakes to stop you with all that power/speed.... better tires... better suspension..... the list goes on and on

Then there is the cost of installation and wiring and tuning.

Just a turbo kit alone would set you back $5500 to $7500 depending on options.... and that's without installation which should always be done by a qualified mechanic/performance shop to ensure safety and reliability

Unless your willing to drop a minimum of $10,000 into your Aveo your going to end up with a half assed car that will probably explode into a million pieces the first time you boost the engine.

Most people get this idea that Civic guys spend $300 and twice the horsepower.... it's just not true..... Civic guys spend just as much on their cars as someone would have to with an Aveo.

Engine swaps are the best bang for your buck.... drop in a 2.0L turbo for a couple grand and your off to the races.

It's just like with the Nissan 240SX.... you rarely see people upgrading their pathetic K24DE.... most guys call up a JDM supplier and order a decently priced low mileage SR20DET.

It's no different with the Aveo.... you can get a C20LET, Z20LET, Z20LEH, Z20LER delivered to your house if you want it.

Or for something easy why not order a brand new 1.6L turbo from Europe or the UK ?

Hell.... if you want a high performance version of one of these engines you can contact a motor company in Germany that will sell you a drop in 2.0L turbo of your liking.... all the way up to 750hp

Right now Efrain is offering up C20LET/F28 combinations from Japan..... don't know the price but I'm sure it's probably comparable to the price you'd pay for a SR20DET

Yes..... I am ranting..... but Aveo owners always whine about parts even after being told there are thousands of engines and components widely available.
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Postby RSZT4 » Mon Mar 02, 2009 11:40 pm

I know this post is a lil old but, PLEASE! dont buyt from JBP! I know ppl that have delt with them and they give you nothing to what they support. I'm a cavalier guy and i wouldn't buy stuff from there. If you want the contact info on ppl that have been a victim to JBP's antics PM me and i will be more then willing to send you their way, so you can hear their stories.
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Re: JBodyPerformance

Postby blue4renza » Sun Jul 03, 2011 1:24 am

Do you guys offer lightened alternator pulley for the U20SED engine and also a lightened Powersteering pulley also
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Re: JBodyPerformance

Postby gse_turbo » Mon Jul 04, 2011 5:50 pm

this a two tear old dead topic that never went anywhere.

the PS steering pump is a very populat "type-2" pump that can be found on virtually every GM car as well as VW, Audi and a ton of others. search for "Type-2" power steering pump pulleys and you'll find them. they are so common that you may find something in a corvette parts catalog.

pretty much the same goes for the Alt. it's a basic GM part. that being said, it really can't get any lighter or smaller than it it in the Daewoo's.
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