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HOW TO: Remove stock Lanos stereo (with photos)

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HOW TO: Remove stock Lanos stereo (with photos)

Postby TheGreatAndPowerfulOz » Thu Jan 19, 2006 1:54 pm

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The removal of the stock Lanos stereo needs no special dealer tools, only a phillips screw driver.

Removal instructions:

1) The stock CD and Cassette stereo:

2) Pop out the drink holder and reach your fingers up through the open bottom of the cup holder holes and grip the bottom of the trim ring. You will need to pull the bottom of the trim forward. It may take some effort, but just keep pulling. It will pop off because it is held on with 4 metal clamp-springs that grip onto the trim ring and press against the dash plastic.

3) The metal clamp-springs may spring off somewhere around your car so be careful not to lose them. Here is where they clip back onto the plastic trim.

4) With the plastic trim removed, you can now see the screws that hold the radio into the dash. Remove these with a phillips screwdriver.

5) Before you can slide the radio out, you will need to pull up on the hand brake (for safety) and insert the ignition key into the hole (as pictured) and press down so the shifter may be moved from Park to 1st . This gets the shifter (on an automatic car) out of the way and makes room for the radio to come out.

6) With the shifter out of the way, the radio can now easily be pulled out. Disconnect the wiring harness and antenna and you can now install a new radio!

Remember to buy a wiring harness adapter and stereo installation kit to make your new radio work properly and look professionally installed.
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