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where is cam position sensor?

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Postby wessock » Wed May 21, 2008 11:28 pm

I think it could be related since it's started at about the same time and the PO342 code has to do with low power. Does anybody have any experience with this kind of problem that can answer? So far the car hasn't lost power since I cleaned all of the connections, but the code keeps coming and going still.
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Postby wessock » Sat Jan 24, 2009 12:06 am

Ok, so I never did get this resolved. Next month is inspection time though and I won't pass if the CEL decided to light up during it. I've inspected the wires and sensor connector and side PCM side can't see anything wrong. When it's really cold out it does seem to throw the PO342 code less often. I can go a few hundred miles sometimes when it's below freezing. I have a few questions hopefully somebody can answer....

1. Does each cam sensor have a serial number or something that I can identify to see if the dealer actually did replace it or if it's still the old one in there? They never even cleared the code when they supposedly replaced it. I don't want to buy a new sensor unless I have to. When I took the car to the dealer for the problem, the guy made it sound like they had to check to see if the sensor was one that was in a number range to be recalled and if it wasn't I'd have to pay, even though Daewoo had me listed as needing the recall.

2. Can anything else be causing this problem? Can it be a battery or alternator problem?

3. Can it be a spark plug/wire problem?

4. Could it be a clogged fuel filter?

5. If it was the timing belt jumped or something, the code would be on all the time and it would be running rough correct?

I'm still not having any other codes or problems with the car, but reading around, people have brought up these things. I don't wanna replace parts that are still good in hopes of a fix when nothing actually seems wrong.

Oh, and the power issues was a different issue. The negative battery connector wasn't getting tight enough.
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