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Problem with heated selection daewoo lanos 2000

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Problem with heated selection daewoo lanos 2000

Postby pulsardet » Thu Dec 27, 2012 1:57 pm

I own a daewoo lanos 2000, and since winter is falling on us, i live in canada, so get pretty cold here. Let me explain, I have really good heat, in the car but, even if i ajust the in dash selector, their is no heat to defrost the windshield nor feet, but the selection for the cabbin/your face is perfect with good heat.

What could it be and how do I fix this. I have search in the factory manual but found nothing about this.
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Re: Problem with heated selection daewoo lanos 2000

Postby pulsardet » Thu Dec 27, 2012 2:59 pm

I find the answer else where but i post them up here. Need to give the credit to paulwells on that.

work perfect took about 15 minutes.


Hello fellow woosters and lanos owners!!!
iI have been ask to do this thread for all you lanos owners who are experiencing the dreaded misted windowscreen with air not blowing on to it!! WOOSTERS LAW DONT TRUST A GARAGE UNLESS NELSE IS THE OWNER LOL!! tools for the job SUPERGLUE AND ELECTRICAL TAPE AND A BIT OF TIME!!ok here you go i know this works as i experienced this problem when i got my lanos!! its not your heater panel its the black casing that protects the cable and helps the resistance when moving your heater controls!! its not a hard jod to do but a little fiddly as your in ssome tight spots releasing the cables! the cable for windowscreen direction is located in the drivers footwell just to the left of the clutch pedal it is attached to a white plastic moon shape with notches you will need a torch head type is best for this! carefully unclip the clear plastic clip on casing which holds it in place and price cable of the clips are quite tough but can be broke so be carefull!! make sure you check cable casing brassend with clip line up!! put a drop of superglue in the bit with the brass bit on as it has a recess to keep it in and not on the cable then twist the casing back into brass end till it lines up where it broke hold for 20 seconds once dry go round it with electrical tape!! job done refitting is reversal of removing!! you will find that your window vents will have warm air and you will have clear vision on misty and wet days lol!! the slider control cable is near the fan removal of glove box is needed for this one 2 screws hold glove box on you can put a cable tie round this casing and attach to the metal square above glove box just do it tight to hold the casing!!! the temp cable is also behind glove box as above remove glove box!! this is a common fault on the lanos since doing mine all work perfect you can repair the 1 end on each to get them to work or do both but to do both removal of heater control panel is required for this and is fiddly to do this end good luck and hope it helps people any problems pm me ok your comments on how easy you find this instruction and it will work you will be able to see if casing has seperated bye for now woosters!!
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Re: Problem with heated selection daewoo lanos 2000

Postby PrecisionBoost » Thu Dec 27, 2012 8:17 pm

There are three cables ( if my memory is correct ) for selection of vent and heat.

It's likely one is disconnected or the plastic tab has been broken off ( perhaps from installation of aftermarket stereo )

Based on language and the fact that the above person seems to be driving a RHD lanos, the position of the cable might not be as he has said.

If he is driving RHD as I suspect, and it's to the left of the clutch, that would make the cable on the passenger side of a LHD lanos up underneath the dash, may have to remove glove box, I can't remember as it's been 6-7 years since I worked on the Lanos.
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