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'01 Nubira 2.0, crank shaft position sensor location ?

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'01 Nubira 2.0, crank shaft position sensor location ?

Postby NubiraDellwoo » Fri Apr 12, 2013 10:33 pm

so I see where the lead goes in, under the AC compressor mount...
but cannot see where the CSPS is mounted.
I've looked for it from under, above, etc.
But cannot seem to locate it.
I know it's somewhere under the AC compressor
but cannot see it visually.

What do I need remove to get to the CSP sensor's mounting location ?

reason being... I keep getting an intermittent cel regarding.
doesn't seem to affect how the motor runs.
CEL will stay on for several starts...
and then mysteriously clear itself or function correctly !?
it's annoying to say the least,
But because of smog laws here in California
it won't pass a visual test if the cel is on.

Last smog test... thankfully the CSPS cel was not lit.
the smog tech never mentioned any issue...
and it passed with no issue.

disconnecting the battery is no good for resetting that...
because smog laws in California dictate that the CPU
must register 40-50 miles of operation after a battery
is either replaced or the codes are reset.

Thought maybe a clean up or replacement might fix the issue ?

Is this failure a common issue that can be related to something specific...
or is it just a common occurrence for the CSPS to fail ?

thanks if you can help.
pics would even make it better.
as I cannot find illustrations in the fsm detailing this.
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Re: '01 Nubira 2.0, crank shaft position sensor location ?

Postby Daniel » Sat Apr 13, 2013 6:10 am

It's located in front of block.
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