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How To: Oil Flush

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How To: Oil Flush

Postby Audacity Racing » Sun Dec 18, 2005 9:48 pm

1. Drain old oil, LEAVE FILTER ON (or buy two filters, one for flush and one for final oil fill)*

2. Fill engine with 0w-30 oil

3. Idle for 20-30 minutes, DO NOT DRIVE

4. Drain oil and replace oil filter to the new one

~ now you can remove your oil pan and scrape out all the junk, this is really for those who feel up to a long and messy task

5. Fill with your oil of choice

*NOTE: if using two oil filters, replace your old filter after draining old oil. then install the new filter, add the 30 weight oil, and continue the process at number 3. it is not necessary to use 2 filters, but merely helps capture all the junk.
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