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How To: calibate your rear brakes

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How To: calibate your rear brakes

Postby MMamdouh » Sun Mar 23, 2008 10:19 am

1- with drums off; release parking brake adjuster nut till shoe lever stop is against edge of shoe web.

2- With drums and wheels fitted, system purged; step on brake pedal till you don't hear the adjuster clicks anymore. (Takes about 30x).

3- Drive the car and perform about 10 slow-downs from 60km/h to full stop. Then, drive the car backwards, and press the brake HARD number of times (10 or so) until the car comes to stop.

4- With parking brake at second click turn it's adjuster nut till shoes just drag on drums. Check that maximum lever travel is about 6 more clicks.

5- Release parking brake and check for free rotation.

thanks for both GsiTurbo & Daniel

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