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Postby jidasas » Wed Jun 13, 2012 7:30 pm

Anyone interested in a used Lanos? I have a 2000 SX model...needs paint...clear peeling...interior decent other than driver seat...runs great...5speed 1.6 liter. I also have a set of wiseco 8.8:1 comp forged pistons and a holset h1c turbo and a used intercooler...pressure tested... and a turbo xs rfl blow off valve and a good wastegate control valve from an eclipse to be mounted to the turbo which has a smaller twin scroll exhaust housing on it with internal wastegate. Car runs great...will spin tires in first and second gears clutch does not slip...engine is smooth running no smoke or issues...due for timing belt change in the next 5,000 miles. Airbag light is on...module fried I assume since my other car had same issue. 16x,xxx miles and counting since I drive it daily.

Asking $ 2250 for all of it.

Seperately...this is prices I paid for parts.

Car alone $ 1650

Pistons $400
Intercooler $75
Turbo $150
BOV $75
Wastegate Valve $ 25

Any me or post here.


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