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Feeler: MegaSquirt Universal EMS and 1.6L Underdrive Pulley

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Feeler: MegaSquirt Universal EMS and 1.6L Underdrive Pulley

Postby xtreme 2 » Sun Nov 25, 2007 8:29 am

Hey all. Well we have begun doing more with going custom in the Aveo Market, and we would like to start off by marketing both an Aluminum Underdrive Pulley and the MegaSquirt Engine Management System.

1.) Aluminum Underdrive Pulley
Everyone should know how an Underdrive Pulley works ;-). Takes the strain off your Crankshaft by lessening the draw from your power steering, alternator, and A/C Compressor. General gains are between 1-5hp, but on a tuned engine can achieve a 20hp gain (max circumstance). This is the same pulley that Y2Daniel tried to market a while back, only we have found a source that can do it cheaper, allowing us to drop the price substantially lower than his advertised price. Depending on the number of people interested, we are looking to offer this pulley for $100 shipped, or $120 if you would like the belts to go with it. The more people that order, the less he will charge me, and the cheaper I can get it in your hands as well.


I will try to see if he still has the comparison pics between the stock Pulley and the UDP we installed on his car. The weight differences are phenomenal. The Stock Pulley weighs somewhere around 7-8 lbs. I think and the UDP weights literally a few ounces.

Interest From:

2.) MegaSquirt Engine Management System
This may be lesser known to the Aveo Crowd. This engine management system is literally god to most people in the automotive tuning world as far as Engine Tuning goes. This engine management system can do literally everything.

Features / Benefits of all MegaSquirt EFI Systems

* Onboard MAP sensor for NA or boosted engines up to 21psi! (Upgradeable to 44psi)
* Speed density or Alpha-N.
* Use any injector - High or Low impedance.
* Compatible with output from narrowband and wideband O2 sensors.
* Log data on your laptop for later analysis.
* Tuning software is free for download and regularly updated with new features.
* Open Source design - all code and hardware information is available online.
* Includes proper female DB37 and DB15 connectors and shells for building your wiring harness.
* Professionally Machined Brushed Aluminum Case with Endplates. Excellent Fit and Finish! Flanged for easy mounting.
* Supports use of original MS tach input, ignition coil triggering, VR, Hall and Optical sensor triggering.

Additional Features new to the MegaSquirt-II Processor

* 24 MHz HCS12 processor
* Fuel control to 1 µsec (100 times more resolution than MegaSquirt-I)
* Ignition control (full spark timing advance control, dwell control, etc) for one coil/distributor (7 pin HEI for example) and Ford's EDIS systems
* On-board stepper motor driver for IAC stepper control (we install the jumpers for this by default)
* Ford PWM idle valve firmware support
* Built-in rev limiter, either 'fuel cut' or 'spark retard'
* All tables are now 12×12 in size
* WBO2 AFR target table (in AFR units)
* Independent dual-tables for VE and AFR target
* EGO feedback in wide-band mode is proportional to the difference between the measured AFR and the target AFR, the bigger the difference, the bigger the feedback step
* Spark advance table can have different rpm and kpa bins than VE and AFR tables
* 115,200 baud serial interface with MegaTune2.25+
* CANbus networking
* Barometric correction amount and direction configurable in software, and provisions for:
o barometric correction based on initial MAP reading,
o independent 2nd barometric MAP sensor for continuous real-time baro correction, or
o no baro correction.
* TPS values for open loop and flood clear mode are user configurable
* MAP based open loop can be set as well as TPS
* Both TPS and MAP based accel enrichment is built into the code, you can configure the ratio of each
* Blended Alpha-N and speed density is an option
* 2 spare I/O lines for custom controls. (This is in addition to 4 lines for Idle stepper control if you don't need this, or the Fast idle solenoid then becomes a spare if you do use a stepper motor.)

New Features specific to the latest PCB Version 3.57 Surface Mount PCB

* 90% of components converted to surface mount. This standardizes the part numbers used, as well as the assembly process, resulting in consistently high quality.
* All standard ignition input setting are now easily set by jumper shunts, no need to bust out your soldering iron to change your base hardware ignition configuration anymore!
* Pulse-Width Modulated (PWM) Idle Valves are now natively supported by the PCBv3.57 hardware without the need for modification. This is one of the coolest features as this was a very common modification that will no longer be needed. The circuitry on the PCBv3.57 will control a standard on/off fast idle valve, or a 2/3 wire PWM Idle valve!
* Enhanced I/O Capabilities
o DB15 Added for bringing signals into/out of the ECU
o Common signal pickup points (IE 'top of the LEDs, etc') are brought out to easily accessible solder pads
* LEDs are surface mounted

Open Source means Endless Development

Already there are optional firmware updates (like MS2-Extra ) for the MegaSquirt-II to add features such as:

* Wheel decoding for a stack of different ignition system trigger wheels
* Coil on plug/wasted spark ignition
* 16x16 Volumetric Efficiency (VE) and 12 x 12 Ignition Tables
* Boost control
* Shift Light control
* Water Injection control
* Knock Sensor Input
* Staged Injection
* 2 Stage Nitrous Control
* plenty more....

With all that in a system that costs less than $500, how can you go wrong? In addition the basic unit (this is a universal, tuneable-by-laptop unit) described above, we will also offer a preloaded custom tune for the Aveo so that you can plug-and-play right out of the box. It will be based on Y2Daniel's Aveo, but shall be more than sufficient for any tuned Aveo. If someone were to come local and have us tune it, we can also supply a stock tune that you can then customize from. For now, pricing is set at $429 for this unit, but the more people that sign up to buy, the cheaper we can get the parts for this, and get them in-turn cheaper for you.

Interest From:

Would anyone have interest in either of these new Products from DLSpeed, Inc., and Aftermarket Aveo?

Also, don't forget, that Bulk Orders are always available on parts from Aftermarket Aveo. If at least 10 people contact me wanting to buy the same part, we will discount the item cost by 10%!
-- xtreme 2
Owner, Aftermarket Aveo

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Postby PrecisionBoost » Sat Dec 01, 2007 4:41 am

Where is the reluctor wheel that's normally attached to the crank pulley ???

The picture you posted doesn't have the wheel so I'm curious how the engine runs without the crankshaft sensor.
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Postby GsiTurbo » Sat Dec 01, 2007 5:16 am

Aveo uses internal reluctor wheel attached to the crank, hence there is no external reluctor. Pulley above is the knock-off of the single prototype I made a couple of years back for the Aveo, and then sold on the old Aveo board...I think it changed hands twice since. Gains in power (tested on Alan's car) where not sufficient to actually make a production batch.
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Postby xtreme 2 » Mon Dec 03, 2007 9:22 pm

I believe it is still in the original hands... The pulleys above are exact replications of the prototype that Y2Daniel and I bought from you...
-- xtreme 2
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Re: Feeler: MegaSquirt Universal EMS and 1.6L Underdrive Pulley

Postby BASHO » Fri Apr 24, 2009 2:07 am

I know this thread is an oldy but I am interested in the Megasquirt , I have a new GM Holden Barina designated TK09 , I think this may likely be the Aveo8 it has the E-TECH-II 16V engine (Iron block)- this one:-
clik to enlarge


Is there any new info regarding updated tunes , costs and aqailabitys for the Megasquirt avaiable ?
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