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TGUK flanges,downpipes,collectors,boost pipes,DIY manifold k

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TGUK flanges,downpipes,collectors,boost pipes,DIY manifold k

Postby Turbo gav » Sat Oct 31, 2009 11:45 pm

I have been asked over on our forum in the UK to post up a group buy on flanges by Chris (precisionboost) and hope I can be of some help to you guys....
Here is the original post ... -kits.html and also copied here... Please bear in mind that im not to familiar with all your engine types yet but I get up to speed with things quickly ;) Postage rates will have to be sorted but if we have a general idea of numbers we can go from there :) Cheers

This is the start of something that has been on the cards for a while.....

There are several people who sell these items on the internet but seem to have crap customer service. This is really annoying for people like myself who love making things for themselves and need bits to get on and make it to meetings/trackdays/Pod etc and I don’t think they offer this level of help either.
The main problem with manifolds is the time taken to produce them which costs money so by being able to offer this service you guys benefit from it. We can offer flanges to suit the following in laser cut 10mm Stainless 316L / Mild steel all from stock (can also supply 12mm but not in stock) so theres no drop shipping letdowns etc going to happen here. If they are priced they are here if not then they are on the way.....

Engine manifold flanges
C20XE £34.75 delivered
C20LET £34.75 delivered
X20XEV £43 delivered
X16XE £37 delivered
Z20LET £43 delivered
20SEH/C20GET £32 delivered
106 GTI/Saxo VTS
Corsa VXR
20V turbo
Volvo T5
XE/LET alloy inlet
38mm wastegate flange

Turbo inlet flanges

T28/T25 £14.90 delivered
T3 £14.65 delivered
TD05 16G £19.25 delivered

Exhaust flanges in 2 bolt and 3 bolt

2.5” 2 bolt £13.65 delivered
3” 2 bolt £14.20 delivered

And many more to be added as the weeks roll by but need to get started first, if anyone wants any flanges making that are not on the list just me a PM on here and I will have a price to you within 72 hrs and the flanges with you in under 7 days (UK) all stock items are posted next day.

Also stocking 38mm and 44mm bends for making your own manifolds which are available in

90 degree 38mm £4.10 + post (depends on quantity)
45 degree 38mm £4 + post (depends on quantity)

90 degree 44mm £4 + post (depends on quantity)
45 degree 44m £3.85 + post (depends on quantity)

Collectors are also available either welded/tacked or in kit form you pick the length and angle you require and we will cut them for you to suit the flange type you need.

Bends available for exhaust/intercooler pipewprk constrution in stainless 316L (and alloy but not in stock yet)

2” 90/45 1.5D radius £9.90 and £9.20 delivered
2.5” 90/45 1.5D radius £13.85 and £13.20 delivered
3” 90/45 1.5D radius £16.75 and £16.20 delivered

Quick release Full seal clamps comes with clamp and ferrules 316L much nicer than V bands and cheaper! (Not for use at turbo connection)

2.5” £19.25 delivered
3” £22.25 delivered

Mikalor clamps and boost hoses coming soon

I’m also looking to produce manifolds to suit various different styles and brands of engines as it is something I enjoy doing alot but as you know im mainly Vaux centred but will happily have a go at anything.

Stainless prices vary from time to time so if the price goes up it might also come back down lower :D
Pictures of some examples will be added tomorrow!

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Re: TGUK flanges,downpipes,collectors,boost pipes,DIY manifold k

Postby PrecisionBoost » Sun Nov 01, 2009 2:49 am

Always glad to welcome a new supplier.

I've offered this fine gentleman from Migweb the opportunity to forward products to North America through me.

That is to say if there are several of us interested in flanges or manifolds then I will arrange a group shipment to my business up here in Canada and then disperse the individual products to each of us here in north america.

I will do this no charge... no strings attached.... as I know quite a few of you guys really start to hesitate when it comes to buying products from the UK/Europe
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Re: TGUK flanges,downpipes,collectors,boost pipes,DIY manifold k

Postby Efrain A. » Sun Nov 01, 2009 8:24 am

Hi Gav!

Glad you made it here! :D
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Re: TGUK flanges,downpipes,collectors,boost pipes,DIY manifold k

Postby astra 8vt » Mon Nov 02, 2009 10:09 pm

gav : change the c20seh m8 they didnt make it !:( 20ne ,20seh,20se,20seh 20ser ) c20get aswell :)
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