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Lacetti/Nubira 15" & 17" alloys For sale or swap fits 4x114

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Lacetti/Nubira 15" & 17" alloys For sale or swap fits 4x114

Postby Rick-Manta » Wed Jul 10, 2013 8:26 pm


Howdy, I have a set of 4 original alloys off my Lacetti which were replaced with larger wheels years back. Due to their unusual fitment I've not had much opportunity to sell them, not just for the 4x114 PCD but the centre hubs are quite small and some people just don't understand wheel spacers and offsets. I've been using some Inovit Blades which are 17" and to be honest I'm not that keen on them anymore as the tyres are low profile which makes for an uncomfortable ride.. Plus without lowering the Lacetti, they don't quite look right, almost gives the car a jacked up look (not that kind of jacked up)

So ideally I'm looking to do somekind of trade. The 15s didn't really cover that many miles so are in pretty good order as you can see in the picture. The Inovits are a bit rough now, I've not got a picture of them but here's one of them on the car, they don't look that tidy anymore.


I'd like to swap/trade/part ex both sets of wheels, since I'm after a set that gives a balance of looking better than the 15s (which look way to small on the saloon, the hatchback can only just get away with them!) and giving some better ride quality and not having to be so on edge about potholes as the 17s give me. I appreciate I can't be too choosy as there's not that much available in 4x114, I'd love a set of fatter/stockier wheels so they don't have to be big but wider than standard would be nice.. Failing that I'd settle for a set of the original Lacetti 16s if anyone has any?

I'm based in Bristol and often visit family in Oxford. Kindest thanks :-)
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