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Honda FCX Clarity (2009)

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Postby Pir0 » Tue May 27, 2008 7:01 pm

Cool car. But why do they have to make these cars that are clearly a step forward to beating climate change, the ugliest cars ever, seriously like. I reckon if that was yellow/orange it's side profile would look moer like a slice of lemon or something.

Another waht to reduce emissions and running costs is to make the car very aero dynamic and light. People want too much luxuries these days in their cars. Ok, i know a gps system doesnt weigh too much, but things like AC arent needed in a lot of places, like Ireland for example, it's never too warm that you'll need AC. It gets stuffy, but nothing winding downt he window wont fix. People winge about cars with large engines, and they drive the likes of a Volkswagon Passat, which are mainly diesel, nice cars, but extremely heavy, and have the areo dynamic properties of a brick.
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